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Hazard Perception - FAQ

The hazard perception test is part of the driving theory test and you need to pass both the question part of the test and the hazard perception part of the test at the same time..

How many clips of film are there?
There are 14 clips of film shown on each hazard test. Each clip has just one scoring hazard, apart from one clip which has two scoring hazards.

What is a scoring hazard?
Each clip of film will have a number of hazards eg parked cars. Most of them are what are described as potential hazards. What you need to identify is the devloping hazards - ie something that is becoming more of a hazard and requiring you to take action eg a pedestriasn stepping out into the road

How long does each clip last?
Each clip of film last for about 20-30 seconds.

Can I click more than once for each hazard perception clip?
Yes, you are encouraged to do so. However, if the system detects you are trying to cheat (an unreasonably high number of clicks or clicking in a pattern) you will score no points for that hazard. Don't worry though because even if you get disqiulified for one clip, you can still score enough points to pass.

How does the scoring work?
If you click your mouse immediately the hazard becomes a "developing" hazard, then you score 5 points, then the longer it takes you to click the less you score on a diminishing scale until you score 0 if you click too late.

What is the pass mark for the Hazard perception test?
The passmark is 44 out of a possible 75. This equates to approximately 3 out of 5 for every scoring or developing hazard.

How can I practice for the hazard perception test?
There are plenty of online hazard perception tests that you can use.

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