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Forklift Theory

Is there a theory test for forklift training? Do you neeed to pass the theory test for your forklift licence?

The answer is that a forklift licence is not the same as a driving licence for cars, motorbikes or lorries. So there is no theory test that is similar to driving those other vehicles. Having said that there is a theory element to any forklift training. It's not just about being able to control the fork truck but is also about such things as knowing and understanding rules for safety fork truck handling, loading etc. your forklift training provider may have resources that they will direct you to to help you understand all theat you need to gain your forklift saety accreditation.

Most people learn for the theory test at the same time as learning to drive for their practical driving test with a driving instructor. You will learn a lot of things that are relevant to the theory test on your driving lessons, so it is usually best to learn for both at the same time. For instance your driving instructor will teach you that the zig zag lines at a pedestrian crossing mean that you may not stop within the zigzag lines or overtake the leading vehicle on approach. Similarly you will learn that the answer to "what is the national speed limit on a single carriageway road" is 60mph.

One area that people find difficult is remembering stopping distances. The formula for working out stopping distances is quite complicated. So the best thing to do is to memorise them! You can also find this speeing fine calculator.

Today's Theory Question Sample:

You are driving on a fast open road. The distance between you and the vehicle ahead should be:
a) 10 metres
b) Two seconds
c) Two car lengths
d) 10 car lengths