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Choosing a Driving Instructor

Hardly anybody is succesful at trying to pass the test without lessons from a professional driving instructor. In addition learning to drive is not just about passing the test. A professional driving instructor has knowledge skill and insights to help you to be a good and safe driver. He will also help you with your theory test.

Is your Driving Instructor Fully Qualified?

A fully qualified ADI is an Approved Driving Instructor. This qualification means a person has passed the three exams required to be a professional driving instructor All ADI's are registered with the Driving Standards Agency (DVSA). ADIs have display their green licence in the windscreen on the lower nearside whilst giving tuition.

Some people who give instruction are PDI's. PDI stands for Potential Driving Instructor. These are licensed instructors who have not yet passed their third (instructional technique) exam but have passed parts one and two. PDI's must display their pink licence on the windscreen of their tuition vehicles.

In order to get a pink trainee badge the trainee driving instructor has to pass parts 1 & 2 (a theory test and a driving test at a higher standard than the learner test) of the DSA instructor examination and have received at least 40 hours of training. Then they must do a further 20 hours training shortly after the badge is issued.

Be aware that choosing a PDI means you may be trained by someone who ultimately is not deemed to be of high enough standard to qualify as an ADI

The Cost of Lessons

Whilst cost is an important factor in choosing an instructor, quality and value for money are more important considerations.

Driving lesson prices vary and can cost up to £40 in more expensive parts of the country. The average across the country is around £26 per hour driving lesson. If the price is cheaper than the local avergae it may be because the instructor loses pupils and so needs to charge low prices to attract more custom. Instructors with a good reputation are able to charge more as preople go to them because of the quality of their lessons not their low prices.