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Free Theory Test App

Which is the best free theory test app? There are plenty of theory test apps that have a free option. usually these are limited versions of the app that only give you a small selection from the official theory test app question bank. Alternatively there are also free versions that are subsidised by ads. These free versions are very annoying to use as the screen is often completely covered with a pop-up ad every time you click to select the next question. Really you are better off using a paid version that will cost just £2 or £3 than having to put up with all these adverts..

Our best free theory app that we can recommend at this time is Theory Test app from ADI Ninja. There are no annoying ads and for a limited time it is available completely free. Yes, completely free. Full version. All the official questions. The latest case study videos. And NO annoying ads!



Case Study Videos

New in the second half of 2020 in the theory test are case study videos. Originally the case studies consisted of a paragraph or two outlining a scenario with some questions attached. This is now obsolete as the DVSA have replaced them with case study videos. If the app version that you are using does not have the case study videos then you are being sold short. Make sure that you get the theory test app that includes the new style videos to ensure that you are fully prepared for the test.