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Passed Your test? buy a Car!

When you've passed your driving test, you will be keen to get on the road as soon as possible. However, you shouldn't rush into making your first car purchase. Do some thorough research of your options. It will seem strange when you drive a non driving school car with no dual controls!

As well as the inital cost of the car, you need to consider how much the insurance will be. The insurance on a smaller less powerful car will be much cheaper, especially for a new driver than a larger more powerful car.

It's also sensible, not to get too taken by looks alone. You want a car that will be reliable.

When you go to view a car, make sure you check out the mileage and service history. Take someone with you who knows a bit about cars and get an HPI check done so that you know the history of the car - is it stolen? is it an insurance write-off?

Finally don't be afraid to haggle on price.

Insurance for your car will be expensive. Driving school cars with dual controls are cheaper to insure than a novice drivers first car.

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