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Free theory test questions


You are involved in a collision while you're driving. What is the first thing you must do?
Call someone you know to ask for advice.
Carry on driving.
Call your insurance company.
Stop at the scene of the accident.

In which of the following situations should you never overtake cyclists?
Where the road narrows
Immediately before making a left turn
On approach to a roundabout
All of the above

You're going down a steep hill. To help control the vehicle, you should
accelerate to get down the hill as quickly as possible.
drive closest to the car in front of you.
select a high gear and apply the brakes firmly.
select a low gear and apply the brakes carefully.

You are driving down the motorway and planning to turn off at the next junction. Unfortunately, you miss your exit. What should you do?
Reverse in the left-hand lane if no cars are coming.
Carry on until you reach the next junction at which you can exit.
Perform a U-turn at the next gap in the central reservation.
Reverse on the hard shoulder back to the exit.

When approaching an unmarked crossroads, who has right of way?
The driver travelling in the largest vehicle
The driver travelling at the fastest speed
The driver travelling on the widest road
None of the above

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